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Dr. Sarah Vohra

Since 2016, Dr Sarah Vohra a.k.a The Mind Medic has worked with global brands to help them create impactful mental health and wellbeing campaigns for their audience sharing her expert advice.


Sarah recognises that consumers don’t just want to be sold a product. They want to be informed, educated and motivated. 


Dr Sarah Vohra/The Mind Medic will:

  • work closely with your existing marketing and creative teams

  • decide who your target audience is

  • develop a clear goal for your campaign with expert advice suited to your audience

  • decide on the best medium to deliver your message

  • develop a campaign that aligns with your brand messaging and ethos

  • help you every step of the way from creative ideas and strategy to execution

Sarah is also an proud author of 2 best-selling books on mental health:

The Mind Medic (Penguin Life 2020)

Can we talk? (John Murray Press 2019)

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