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Dr Sarah Vohra is a trusted voice in the mental health and wellbeing community. She has featured in many podcasts and in media such as Evening Standard, The Guardian, The Telegraph, STELLA Magazine, Stylist, Daily Mail, Metro, Good Housekeeping,

RED Magazine, Happiful Magazine and Cosmopolitan.

The Waiting Room with Dr Alex

Podcast: Flaky skin, Facing Fear & Spiders (feat. Dr Sarah Vohra‪)‬

Not Perfect Podcast with Poppy Jamie

Podcast: Easy, effective tips for managing mental health and looking after others with The Mind Medic

Womens Health Going For Goal

Podcast: Anxious Morning? Try This Psychiatrist-Approved Routine Tweak

Deliciously Ella

Podcast: A Practical Approach To Mental Health

The Calmer You Podcast

Podcast: The Calmer You

The MotherKind

Podcast: How To Have A Happy Mind With Dr. Sarah Vohra

BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour

Podcast: How do you approach mental health with children aged 11-14?

Get Your Glow Back

Podcast: Mastering Mental Wellbeing with The Mind Medi‪c‬

BBC Radio 5 Live

Podcast: How to cope with Christmas

Stronger Minds Podcast

Podcast: Suicide Prevention with Dr. Sarah Vohr‪a‬

Outspoken Beauty

Podcast: The Mind Medic - Dealing With Lockdown Anxiety

Winging it Podast

Podcast: Is Your Work Affecting Your Mental Health? With Dr Sarah Vohr‪a‬

Well Far The Running Podcast

Podcast: 5+ simple tools to calm race day anxiety with The Mind Medic & Kate Carte‪r‬

Food For Thought

Podcast: Why We Eat The Way We Do

Get your glow back

Podcast: Overcoming Comparison With The Mind Medi‪c‬

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