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The Mind Medic:

Your 5 Senses Guide to

Leading a Calmer, Happier Life.

Penguin Life 2020

Dr Vohra shares her simple 5 sense method to help you pinpoint your life stressors and develop simple, effective strategies to lead a calmer, happier life.


Covering key topics such as screen use, social media, learning to say no, silencing our inner critic, sleep, importance of social interactions, body image and diet culture to name a few.

Mind Medic Book Cover.jpg
The Mind Medic Book

Can we talk?

A guide to talking about your child's mental health.

Sheldon Press 2019

The expert advice and practical tools in this book will help you to spot signs that indicate that a child may be struggling with their mental health. Dr Vohra shares her easy-to-use traffic light system that will help you to navigate tricky early conversations.


Covering key topics such as sleep, low mood, anxiety, eating difficulties, social media use and self-harm. 

Can we talk - Dr Sarah Vohra - Book.jpg
Can we talk? Book
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